#0 - 25pcs Wood Joinery Biscuits



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Joinery Biscuits - #0

Item #: PLY0-25
Joinery Biscuits - #0

The #0 Pressed Wood Joinery Biscuits are made from compressed hardwood. These biscuits are ideal for joints where strength is critical. After coming in contact with glue, they are designed to swell for maximum strength. Also called plate biscuits, these biscuits are an economical alternative to the more expensive Lamello Biscuits, allowing you to save money without compromising quality. Can be used with any plate joiner or router bit designed to cut a 5/32" slot. Ideal for shelving and other thin materials.


  • 1-7/8" long x 11/16" wide x 5/32" thick
  • Ideal for shelving and other thin materials.
  • Made from Birch
  • Made in Vietnam

$4.38 /25 pc pk

$7.79 /100 pc pk

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